This is a digital resume of the things God has allowed me to be a part of and do in my past 10+ years of worship and arts ministry in local churches


David Baxley
1026 La Crosse St | Onalaska WI 54650
608.769.1476 |

Personal Information:

I have been leading worship as well as worship arts ministries for over 15 years. I have been married to my wife, Amy, for 9 years and we have one daughter, Brianna.

My Personal and Ministry Calling:

I love God and His Church.  I believe God has given me a pastoral calling to serve in His Church to lead His people into a passionate, authentic worship experience. I desire to develop worshipers that our God seeks: those that worship in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24). I believe we where created to have a relationship with God and to worship Him. It is in these times of worship that we bless God and have a life changing encounter with Him.

 Relevant Gifts and Skills:

§         Strong worship anointing, over 15 years of experience in leading worship, ministries, and arts teams in both contemporary and blended environments

§         Spiritual gifts include: a shepherds heart, faith, knowledge, teaching, discernment, leadership, administration, and creative communication

§         Highly skilled musician, specializing in guitar and vocals

§         Vision caster, implementer and leader of teams with a pastoral calling

§         Ability to understand and implement the use of arts into a worship experience

§         Fully capable and experienced in the areas of lighting, sound, media, and video production

Summary of Qualifications:

§         Pastoral worship and arts ministry leadership at a church of 1000+ for 10 years
§         Experienced in planning weekly services with the pastoral staff and church leadership and in developing lay worship leaders
§         Over 10 years experience in raising up and working with multiple worship teams,  with different worship styles in multiple worship venues
§         Member of church staff of over 25 team members; direct supervisor for 2 staff positions and over 80 volunteers
§         Founder and leader of the Creative Arts Team/Ministry used in planning our worship services which include a variety of creative elements, music styles, dramas (both purchased and written in house), videos (both purchased and created in house), dance, graphic design, and other visual arts in our weekly services
§         Strong Biblical literacy and a passion for deep biblical study

Specific Ministry Experience:

Director of Creative Arts and Young Adults Ministries        September 2011 – Present
First Evangelical Free Church | Onalaska, WI

In this current role I give pastoral oversight and leadership to the Worship/Arts Ministry and the 20 Something/College Ministry. I lead our weekly worship services (2 Separate Venues) and our different worship teams while working to implement creative expression into our worship services. I oversee our worship and prayer teams and help bring creative arts, worship, and prayer together in our key ministries including worship services, youth ministry, special prayer/worship services and conferences. This is also a mentoring role to develop future leaders for the Worship Arts Ministries and 20 Something Ministry, specifically developing present and future worship leaders, musicians, small group leaders, and prayer leaders. This role works closely with the Executive and Senior Pastor in supporting and accomplishing my specific ministry and all church ministry goals.

Director of Media and Technical Ministries                           June 2003 – August 2011
First Evangelical Free Church | Onalaska, WI

In this position I worked in close relationship with the Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor to plan and execute all elements of the worship services each week. I developed and lead our Technical Arts Teams and Creative Arts Teams. I worked closely with the Senior Pastor in creating artistic elements to support both the teaching and worship experience. I spent much of my time working with, and supporting, the worship experience in the area of media and technical arts. I co-led, with the Worship Pastor, quarterly training, community, and team development meetings relative to our ministries. We also created yearly retreats where we did extended spiritual and leadership development within our teams and ministry.

Director of Real Ministries (Worship/Teaching)                     March 2002 – July 2005
Bethany Evangelical Free Church

Real Ministries was a new ministry of the church that was run and supported entirely through the efforts of volunteers, including myself. I had the complete support for this role by the leadership at First Evangelical Free Church where I was on staff as the Director of Media and Technical Ministries.

I began as the Worship Director for this ministry and was moved into senior leadership by the pastors that had been overseeing the ministry when it grew past their time and ability to lead it well. In my role I led both the worship experience and the worship teams on a weekly basis. I developed the worship team vision/direction and organized/planned the worship services each week with the teaching pastor. I created the music charts and organized all elements for worship, including special music and other artistic components when utilized. After taking on the senior leadership role I raised up a second worship leader for one team while I continued to lead the other. Along with my worship role, I also began to teach regularly as a part of my responsibilities.

Interim Worship Pastor                                                           June 2001 – August 2001
First Evangelical Free Church                                      and Oct 2011-May 2012

§         Responsible for leading worship team rehearsals and worship services
§         Partnered with the Senior Pastor to plan weekly worship services
§         Oversaw the development and implementation of any creative artistic pieces used in the worship services
§         Created music charts for weekly rehearsals and services
§         Led and taught the worship community class time on Sunday Mornings

Assistant to the Worship Pastor                                             August 2002 – June 2003
First Evangelical Free Church

§         Assisted in the preparation of weekly worship services
§         Communicated with worship team members on a regular basis
§         Prepared music charts and lyric sheets for weekly rehearsals

Interim Youth Pastor                                                          October 2002 – March 2003
Faith Evangelical Free Church

Intern to Student Ministries                                             September 2000 – May 2001
First Evangelical Free Church

Education and Ministry Training:

Currently working toward a Bachelors of Science in Communications Studies with an Emphasis in Interpersonal Communication and Public Advocacy at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

College coursework, General Studies at Messiah College, Pennsylvania

A variety of conferences and training over the years:
§         Willow Creek Arts Conference (Chicago IL)
§         Willow Creek Leadership Summit (Chicago IL)
§         Catalyst Leadership Conference (Atlanta GA)
§         John Maxwell Leadership Simulcast (Onalaska, WI)

Media Resources (Samples Videos of Worship Leading and Created Work)

Digital Portfolio
You Tube Channel


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