This is a digital resume of the things God has allowed me to be a part of and do in my past 10+ years of worship and arts ministry in local churches

Creative Arts

Here are a few examples of some of the teaching series that were programed by the creative arts team that I lead. We met with the senior pastor and he shared his heart for the series and we came up with creative elements to help support the message and worship service. We would create a poster to promote the series, videos, bumpers, graphics, write or find dramas along with other creative ideas. 

These are a few samples of some of the work we did with in a few different teaching series.

Child of Wonder (Christmas)

                         Service Poster:                                                  Opening Video We Created: 

Will You Believe (Easter)

Service Poster: 
Drama I Wrote and Directed For The Service: 
You can see more in the drama section of the site

Will You Believe?”
The voice of Jesus and the narrator will be pre recorded.  The grave will be on one far side of the stage and the house where the disciples are at will be on the other.
Video starts to play at 2:20 into the video lights come up on Mary as she is frantic about the news she has just heard and what she has seen, before the video ends Lights Go back down as she crosses the stage and then go back up as she enters the next scene:

Mary:  Peter… John…get up, hurry, hurry something has happened…

Peter:   Mary what are you doing?

John:   Settle down Mary,  what are you talking about?

Mary:   I went to the cemetery to visit the grave of Jesus.  When I got there, there was an
              earthquake… the grave was open.  John Jesus wasn’t there.  His body was gone!

Peter:   Mary wait... Are you sure the body was gone?  That is impossible!

Mary:   I know it is, but even while I was standing there in shock an angel showed up and asked me
              “Why am I looking for Jesus among the dead?”   He said  “Jesus is alive,  He has risen.”

John:   How do you do you know it was an angel?   How do you know you can trust what he said?

Mary:   Right now I don’t know anything for sure.   I just know what happened and what I saw.
              I don’t know what to believe about it all. (Mary sits down on exhaustion)

John:   Peter we have to go to the grave.   We have to go see for ourselves.

Peter:   Ok Mary you stay here.   Go inside the house and wait for us to come back.
Lights go Down Peter and John go offstage ready to enter the grave scene

Exploring the 7 Churches (Summer Series)

                Series Poster:                                                       Opening Video Bumper: 
                                                                                              (Each week was a little different)


Posters From A Few Other Teaching Series


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