This is a digital resume of the things God has allowed me to be a part of and do in my past 10+ years of worship and arts ministry in local churches


Here is a sample collection of various dramas I helped write and direct. They came out of our Creative Arts Programming Team that I lead. I have included some samples of the scripts and some of the posters we designed to go with the teaching series.

"The Deere"  - Forgiveness

This was a drama that I wrote and acted in and was part of a series of dramas we did for a teaching series on friendship and the importance of forgiving. It was written as a "part 2" follow up drama that was done the week before to intro the series.

The Deere!

Scene opens up with Ron on one end of the stage racking and Sam on the Other Side they call at each other and meet in the middle of the stage

Ron: Hey Sam.

Sam: Hey Ron. I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me borrow your John Deere Mower

Ron: Hey no problem. What are friends for?

Sam: No really. When we had breakfast last week I wasn’t sure how you were going to responds and I want you to know how much it means to me to be able to use something so special to you.

Ron: Hey I wasn’t sure about this taking the next step thing but I am glad I trusted you with my Brand New John Deere Mower. Isn’t Great? How is it working for you?

Sam: It was great...I am mean is great

Ron: What do you mean “Was”? Do you need to tell me something?

Sam: Yeah well – Huh I did have one problem kinda come up

Ron: What?

Sam: Not any thing really big but I know what the Deere means to you

Ron: You can tell me Sam, what are Friends for

Sam: Well there’s a slight issue with the blade

Ron: The Blade? The Titanium, double edge chrome blade?

Sam: Yeah I was mowing the backyard and I didn’t see Jamie’s Toy (Name a funny toy) and, well, I ran over it and I think I nicked the blade – I am so sorry

Ron: Oh… Well, you know what? Don’t sweat it. You’re my friend and I can forgive that. I mean accidents will happen. It’s just a blade I sharpen that baby back up.

Sam: Wow. I am glad to hear you say that, but truthfully, well it’s not “Just” the blade.

Ron: What did you do?

Sam: Well you know Nancy has always wanted to try mowing the lawn

Ron: yeah…

Sam: Well when she heard about me borrowing your Deere she wanted to know what all the fuss is about, you know the “Deere”

Ron: Yeah…

Sam: Well she was just doing one lap around the yard and was almost done but…

Ron: But What?

Sam: She hit a tree Ron.

Ron: A TREE!

Sam: I tried to stop her but I couldn’t get there in time and she, she hit a tree

Ron: A Tree? You mean THE tree; you only have one in the entire yard

Sam: I know. She thought she had it in reverse but rand it right into the tree
Ron: Tell me Sam, and be honest – How Bad is it?

Sam: Not that bad – I mean just some scratches and chipped paint– nothing dented or cracked

Ron: Oh ok. Well you had me pretty worried there but a nicked blade and some chipped paint… that’s not too bad.

Sam: Really.  You’re not mad?

Ron: I’m not happy but yeah I, I can forgive you.

Sam: Well Thanks Ron

Ron: I have some fixer up paint for it that came with the Deere. Let’s get it and touch her up right now. Is it in the garage? (Starts to move toward Sam’s Side of Stage)

Sam: Right Now

Ron:  Yeah what else are you doing?

Sam: Well Right now. I mean we don’t have to rush into it or anything. I mean no need to do it now

Ron:  Sam, where is my dear?

Sam: Well…

Ron:  What did you do to my dear?

Sam: Well I wanted to fix it for you, you know “what are fiends for” (nervous Smile) – (Ron doesn’t move)
And I wanted to fix the blade and touch up the paint. So I started to clean it up with some paint thinner (Sam awkwardly laughing)

Ron: Not saying anything – just staring

Sam: So to make a long story short… there was a SMALL fire.

(The rest of the script has been withheld for space and copyright)

 Good Friday Worship Service

This next script was the production script we used for a Good Friday service. We wrote the drama to interweave with the message and select set of songs. It was one of the most popular Good Friday services we ever did. I am posting a short selection of the script/production cue sheet.

5:32/7:32    Opening Narrative
Center Spot up as Video ends                 Sub ____________

(Lightly Sarcastic) “Good Friday”.  What is so good about a man dying on a cross?
I am somewhat familiar with the death of Jesus.  I go to church and I see the crosses in church and on people’s necklaces.  I’ve even seen a few movies about Jesus’ death.  They sure are bloody and kind of hard to watch at times, especially that one that came out recently.

I suppose up until now I have only seen the cross from my/our perspective – from what I have heard about from preacher or read about in the Bible.  They say Jesus loves us and died for our sins – that He took the cross for us. 

But I have to say I don’t think I have ever tried to see the cross from God’s perspective.   I mean, why did God even allow this?  Was the death of Jesus really necessary?  What must it had been like for God, the Father, to see His Son die?  Was this even His will? 

I mean this was intense. I have heard some say it was “God’s Wrath” on Jesus (getting very serious) Why would God put his wrath on his son? (Logo with title comes up on screen “Wrath of God/Wonderful Cross”).  How can the wrath of God become the wonderful cross?
          Fade Center Spot Down (Pause) – Sermon Sub up to 100%
Sub ____________                           Sub ____________

5:35/7:35            Message - P David
1         God’s Holiness
Special Music – “Holy Holy” – Sammy & Amy
Start to fade up Blue on Amy/Sammy
Sub ____________
– on cue fade out David and white up on Amy/Sammy
Sub ____________       Sub ____________      Sub___________
At End of Song Cross Fade Amy/Sammy out and Sermon Sub up
Sub ____________       Sub ____________
2         Man’s Sin
3         God’s Wrath
At end of sermon fade sermon sub to zero and wait for cue for Courtroom scene
Sub ____________
Bring Courtroom Scene white up full
Sub ____________  Sub ____________

5:55/7:55    Courtroom Scene 1 – Hell
Bailiff:  After reviewing the charges already listed, God, the Great I am, the Alpha and Omega, the Holy of Holies, finds the defendant GUILTY on all charges.  Is there anything you wish to say to the court?

Defendant 1:  You can’t be serious!  Now some of those charges You listed were done before I was 18 years old.  Those should be dropped, I was under age!  Copying other people’s homework and stealing that Playboy . . . . . God, I was only 14 and You’re the one that made boys with raging hormones.  I was just a kid; heck my parents weren’t even mad over that.  In fact, my dad thought it was kind of funny. . . . (imitating dad) “boys will be boys”.  I know I did use your name a little loosely at times, but everyone does.  Didn’t you change that rule?  There were a few white lies, but they never really hurt anybody.  And the internet, now come on!  Everyone struggles with that!  I’m only human!  Don’t the good things I’ve done count for anything?  I was chairman of the United Way campaign for 7 years.  I was treasurer and usher at my church and one year we even skipped Thanksgiving with the family to feed the homeless.  In fact, I’ve done so many good things; my community honored me with a plaque at city hall! 

God:  The charges must still stand.  Your sin that brought your guilt cannot be ignored.  However, it is my wish that none should perish.  Do you have anything to offer to remove your guilt?

Defendant 1:  God, I did all the things I was supposed to do.  I went to church and lived a good life.  I did more good than bad.  What else could I have done?  My wife kept bugging me about asking Jesus into my heart, but that’s Sunday school stuff for kids, isn’t it?  Just accepting Jesus seemed too easy.  Doesn’t the Bible say God helps those who help themselves?

God:  No. . . . . It grieves me deeply, but sin cannot be ignored and I cannot allow sin go unpunished.  “Your righteousness is like filthy rags.” Your good deeds cannot cover your sin. My Word has never offered or allowed for man’s deeds to remove their sin.  Sin must be punished. (Start Fog and Music) (Start to cross Fade Hell Sub with White Sub)
Sub ____________       Sub ____________
Depart from Me. I never knew you.
Bailiff:  Sin can have no place before a Holy God!  Justice cannot allow for sin to go unpaid.  Your eternal fate has already been sealed. (Send Jesus Out to set for next scene)
Keep lights until music goes to “Ahh” Fade down All Courtroom Lights – to All black and ready to bring up Jesus Garden Sub
Sub ____________       Sub ____________
6:00/8:00    Suffering of Jesus Narrative

The Garden

Lights up on Garden/Jesus on far left
Sub ____________

Jesus: “Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from me…Father the agony is great, the pain is great, just the thought of taking upon Myself the sin of mankind …. Just the thought of bearing your judgment and wrath for sin is almost too much …. Father, if there be some other way, if there be any other way … if it be possible let this cup of judgment and wrath pass from Me…”

Lights up on narrator and stay up on Jesus.
Sub ____________    and        Sub ____________

Narrator: This was the beginning of the wrath of God being poured out. The “cup” Jesus cried out about was the cup of the wrath of God, the cup of His judgment upon the sin of man. Jesus knew the holiness of God because He shared in that holiness. He knew what was to come upon him if he was to endure the wrath of God. Jesus, understanding the true wrath of God (Demons Start on Jesus), was in so much anguish the scripture says, “his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground”.
Demons Freeze
Jesus:  “If it be possible, let this cup of wrath pass from me…. Oh, Father (in agony) …. But not my will, but Yours be done…”

Light fade off of Jesus  Spot only on narrator. (Chagne narriator Level)
Sub ____________
Sub ____________      and    Sub ____________

Narrator: Even as Jesus surrendered to the Father’s will for what was to come, the High Priest and others along with soldiers came to arrest Jesus. He was taken and put on trial by the High Priest, and then presented to Pilate, the Governor — the only one who could sentence Jesus to death. The religious leaders made false accusations about Jesus, stirring up the people against him shouting, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

 Easter Service - "Will You Believe"

This is a drama I wrote for an Easter service a few years ago. The drama and the teaching were woven together during the service, telling the Easter story from a modern day perspective.

Easter 2009
 “Will You Believe?”
The voice of Jesus and the narrator will be pre recorded.  The grave will be on one far side of the stage and the house where the disciples are at will be on the other.
Video starts to play at 2:20 into the video lights come up on Mary as she is frantic about the news she has just heard and what she has seen, before the video ends Lights Go back down as she crosses the stage and then go back up as she enters the next scene:

Mary:  Peter… John…get up, hurry, hurry something has happened…

Peter:   Mary what are you doing?

John:   Settle down Mary,  what are you talking about?

Mary:   I went to the cemetery to visit the grave of Jesus.  When I got there, there was an
              earthquake… the grave was open.  John Jesus wasn’t there.  His body was gone!

Peter:   Mary wait... Are you sure the body was gone?  That is impossible!

Mary:   I know it is, but even while I was standing there in shock an angel showed up and asked me
              “Why am I looking for Jesus among the dead?”   He said  “Jesus is alive,  He has risen.”

John:   How do you do you know it was an angel?   How do you know you can trust what he said?

Mary:   Right now I don’t know anything for sure.   I just know what happened and what I saw.
              I don’t know what to believe about it all. (Mary sits down on exhaustion)

John:   Peter we have to go to the grave.   We have to go see for ourselves.

Peter:   Ok Mary you stay here.   Go inside the house and wait for us to come back.
Lights go Down Peter and John go offstage ready to enter the grave scene

Narrator:   Peter and John went quickly to the cemetery.  Neither of them knew what to expect.
All they knew for sure was that they had seen Jesus, their messiah, die a few days ago and now his body is missing and someone is saying he has risen from the dead.

Lights come up on stage and Grave scene as Peter and John will come across the stage. John comes out first and stands a little distance from the grave. Once Peter is in grave scene bring lights off of rest of stage.

John:   Peter hurry!   The grave is open and I can’t see his body.

Peter comes over to the grace and reaches down and picks up the clothes Jesus had been buried in.

Peter:   John all that is here is the clothes we buried him in.  (Peter reaches in and picks up the
              clothes)   There is nothing else here.   I don’t know what to believe.

John:   (John Grabs the clothes from Peter and walks around to other side of tomb stone)
            Peter it must be true.  Mary saw the angel.  The stone has been moved and his body is gone
             but the clothes are here.   It has to be true!

Peter:   (Peter Grabs the cloths back from John in frustration)
            John…settle down!  You are getting carried away.   We don’t have all the facts.   Someone
              could have stolen the body.

John:   Peter look at what you are holding.  They wouldn’t have stolen the body, left the clothes he was buried in, and then taken the time to fold them back up.   He has risen… He is Alive!

Peter:   I can’t believe that, not yet anyways.  We don’t know anything for sure.  There is not
              enough to believe one way or the other.

John:    Peter, I don’t have to know and see everything!  I don’t need you to prove it to me.  I know   it is true.  I believe!  He has risen!

Lights then go down on Drama and then come up on P Andy for teaching
Actors need to go around quickly and quietly to be ready for next scene

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